Egg Sailboats

Egg Sailboats
Temps de préparation: 
5 minutes
Temps de cuisson: 
0 minutes
  • 1 hard-cooked egg, peeled
  • 1 slice cheese
  • 2 straight pretzels

            1. Hard-cook eggs and peel
            2. Slice eggs in half lengthwise. If necessary, trim a little egg white from the bottom of each egg half so that the sailboats sit flat.
            3. Slice cheese in half diagonally (to make two triangles).
            4. For each sailboat, use a pretzel and cheese triangle to make a mast and sail. Carefully making two small cuts in the cheese with a knife will help. (Note: you may need to trim the cheese sail.)

                            Portion (s): 
                            2 halves

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                            Source de reconnaissance: 
                            Egg Farmers of Alberta
                            Serves 2